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Numbers play a very vital role in our life and we are all surrounded by numbers at each and every step.

The phone that we carry has numbers, the vehicle that we drive has numbers, the house we stay in has numbers too, and much more.

It were numbers that played a very vital role in Mahabharta era, wherein Shakuni used numerical tricks to change course of the game.

And that's why Numerology plays a very vital role in our life. Right from the kind of friends we have, to the person one gets married to, the number that we get for our vehicle, the place where we stay, the name that we carry, had much more.

Numerology is an ART that not just helps one understand their basic traits but also works on improving the situations of our life.



Name Correction

Know what your name means

Since each alphabet given a number, the sum total of alphabets of a number decides whether the name is appropriate or not. If not appropriate then name correction is required which has been found to be very good for the fortunes of an individual. Since date of birth of an individual is fixed i.e. no changes can be done in the date of birth of an individual so the only scope to enhance the luck and good fortune of an individual is by making suitable changes in his name.

Similarly name of companies , business and trades can be decided before starting a business or can be suitably corrected if already in use so that the vibration given by these name numbers are harmony with the individual / individuals to whom the business / company belongs so as to have positive progress and good luck in the business.

To know your numbers at which your name is:


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